With deadmau5′ new album “W:/2016ALBUM/” coming out very soon, on December 2nd,  it’s only fair to release a track on it. The one that he did release is one that he worked with artist grabbitz. This whole collaboration started whenever grabbitz overlaid his voice on one of deadmau5’s old tracks from his newest album.

Joel loved it. He wanted him on a new track, and he did it as soon as he got the idea. As far as the track itself, there’re two different versions of the song, an extended edition and a radio edition. As we all know, with deadmau5, the extended editions are the best way to go.

The track is so amazing. The repetitiveness isn’t that annoying; it just really works. It’s got that old, signature mau5 sound that we all love! Go check it out, for ELEVEN straight minutes (and some change).