Naughty Dog studios is introducing Survival mode to Uncharted 4 in mid-December and I can’t wait to play it. Naughty Dog explains Survival mode as “a wave-based mode where you and up to two additional friends can take on swarms of increasingly powerful enemies and unique objectives.”

There are 10 maps to play on with 50 waves of Shoreline mercenaries, and a boss every 10 waves. During Survival mode players will complete objectives and waves of enemies to get in-game cash that can be used to unlock arsenal of weapons found in crates around the maps. Survival mode also features dedicated progression system, weapon upgrades, new items. Naughty dog says “there are also vanity items that can only be earned by playing Survival, but can be used to deck out your character in both Survival and Multiplayer.”

Here is the Trailer for Survival Mode:

Here is what Naughty Dog had to say about the Survival Mode.