Gaming studio, Psyonix, has announced that the next update for Rocket League will introduce a new mode called Custom Training. Players can now create customizable training sequences that will help improve their skills in various situations. They can also share their creations with others, but they can only share them on the respectable platforms. For example, players who create their training sequences on the Playstation 4 can only share the sequences with other PS4 players. Xbox One and PC players will not have access to those creations, but Psyonix did say that they’re working on it.

In Custom Training, players can choose the map they want to train in, choose the type of training sequence (Striker or Goalie), pick the difficulty rating (Rookie, Pro, All-Star), and select “tags” that best describe the training sequence (Dribbling, Wall shots, etc.). From there on, you can edit the sequence by placing the car and ball anywhere in the game. You can also modify the direction and speed of the ball. In addition, players can test out their sequences before uploading it and sharing it with others. Once players have uploaded their creations, they can still edit it in case they want to change or add something to the sequence.

The Custom Training Mode will have a browsing option that gives players the freedom to find other sequences that they might enjoy. Psyonix has stated that it will improve the browsing later on by adding filtering tools and other search options. It’s amazing how a gaming studio keeps listening to its fans and providing features they request (not to mention adding them for free as well). It’s been since I’ve played Rocket League, but as soon as this update comes out I’ll definitely come back and check out the new feature and play a couple of matches with my buddies! If you’re interested in learning about the new Custom Training Mode, check out Psyonix’s blog for more information.