Ever since the video game Paragon was released in its alpha phase earlier this year, the game has had only one map available to play on. The map, known as Legacy, has been used for everything that is in the game, like tutorials, offline, and online matches. Players have been giving mixed reactions towards the layout and design of the map. Some players like it because it distinguishes itself from other MOBA maps, but others dislike it because of its size, which makes the matches longer than usual (many matches that I’ve had extend over an hour!). For the past couple of months, Epic Games has been releasing information on the development of a new map called Monolith.


This should definitely shorten the lengths of matches
Looks very similar to a standard MOBA map


The studio has been posting blogs that provide specific details on the layout and design of Monolith, and it’s pretty interesting if you’re into Game Design or Environmental Art. Some major changes that the blogs have mentioned include the small size of the map, switching harvesters with a new system, and getting rid of travel mode! I’m having mixed feelings about these changes considering theses features are what attracted me into playing paragon, but I’m open-minded about it. The blogs also discuss about the changes on the different lanes, and the new buffs that are gonna be placed on the map. If you’re interested in knowing the details about the new map, you can read them through the links provided below!

Part 1: Paragon’s New Map

Part 2: Safe Lane

Part 3: Art & Visual Design

Part 4: Mid Lane

Part 5: Offlane

Monolith comes out on December 6th, and Paragon is still in its open beta, so go check it out if you haven’t already!