Pixar has just released a teaser trailer for Cars 3, and boy does this look intense! The short trailer features a sports racing event that ends with Lightning McQueen losing control and being flipped over on the race track. I really like how the trailer is shown with the muted colors that gives a sense of realism, which is unusual for Pixar films. Maybe this color grading was created specifically for this trailer, and the actual film will show the colorful aesthetic that Pixar is well known for. I do have hopes that this is not the case as the trailer itself is pretty disturbing when one thinks about it. Looks like McQueen is going to have a very drastic change in his life as the trailer ends by saying, “From This Moment Everything Will Change“. I’m actually interested in learning more about this film, which is surprising considering I did not enjoy Cars 2 that much. It also looks like Pixar is going to a more mature route for this movie just like the studio did with Toy Story 3As of right now, I’m all in for Cars 3! No doubt we’ll be getting more trailers and details on the movie’s storyline. In the meantime, check out the teaser trailer!