Blizzcon was an early present for fans of Overwatch. I was only expecting Blizzard to announce Sombra was coming to Overwatch, but got much much more than what I was expecting.

Blizzard announced new Arcade mode in which players can play 1v1 and 3v3. For this mode Blizzard also announced two new maps; one is Antarctica for Arcade mode and Oasis as a control map for regular play.


Blizzard also announced a new character named Sombra which everyone new that was going to be announce at blizzcon. What players did not know was Sombra’s abilities, which Blizzard showed off at blizzcon.

Here is the animated short for Sombra which tells you about her story:

Here are Sombra’s abilities:

Here is Sombra in action:

Lastly, Blizzard announced Overwatch League. Players will have opportunity for a professional career in Overwatch.

Here is the trailer for Overwatch league:

I am glad that Overwatch went for the full $60 price and not free-to-play because if it was free-to-play then all of the extra content would have been for purchase. Since Overwatch was $60 all of this content will be given free to everyone.