Two years after The Grand Budapest Hotel’s theatrical release, rumors have started circulating regarding Anderson’s new full feature animated film. Not very much is known in regards to the film’s plot or story, however, a few leaks here and there have surfaced in regards to cast and style of the film.

So far as we know, it will be produced in a style similar to The Fantastic Mr. Fox. The animation will be done in stop motion, with the film most likely having a Wes Anderson feel we all know and love.

Members of the voice cast have started to be confirmed as well, and are as follows: Jeff Goldblum, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, and Bob Balaban. This is a very star-heavy cast, much like that of his previous works.

A timeline has not been given in regards to the film’s release date, nor has any official information been released, however, we look forward to hearing more about the project in the coming months.