This week has been hectic with trailers! We got trailers for new video games, new movies, and new consoles. However, I am going to focus on one specific trailer that caught the online world by surprise. The trailer for the third Wolverine film, now called Logan, displays an atmosphere so different from conventional superhero movies that I thought I was seeing a trailer for a different movie. While not much is said about the film’s storyline, the trailer does show that this film takes place in the near future, and the mutants (like the X-Men) no longer exist. Wonder what happened to them? Was there some sort of genocide, or was a cure discovered? Our answer will be more than likely be shown in the film.

Contrasting to many superhero movies, this trailer gives a grim and personal look into the world of the Wolverine (Logan). By the look of it, it seems that the film will focus more on the characters than the action. This year we got Captain America: Civil War, and many thought it was going to be a personal and emotional film. However, it was not the case. While the film did have an impact to the Cinematic Universe, it rarely generated any emotion or drama (at least in my opinion). Civil War mainly focused on the action/set pieces, which I will give credit that those scenes were superb! There was another big film that wanted to be serious and dramatic, but it had a handful of flaws that ruined the experience. That movie was Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. That movie could have been great, but, again, it had too many issues with the plot, characters, and action sequences. Logan, on the other hand, is small scaled but exhibits more drama and intensity than the bigger superhero films. In the trailer, we also see that Logan is slowly losing his powers with the appearance of scars on his body, and we know that he usually regenerates his body when he is injured. Not only does he have to deal with a group of bad guys, he also has to deal with his aging body. Interesting dilemma that we rarely see in superhero movies. Towards the end of the trailer, we get an intense montage followed by a quick scene that gives a Last Of Us vibe with Logan and Laura, who is the clone of Logan, standing next to each other. It’s just pure awe that makes you wonder how dramatic and intense the film will be. Now, hopefully the film is actually set in this tone because it would be very disappointing to see the whole movie as something else. Sometimes an amazing trailer can make a crappy movie look good, while a crappy trailer can make an excellent movie look bad. I guess we’ll have to see a few more trailers to figure it out. In the mean time, check out this melancholy trailer for the film: