We can’t wait until May of next year, because an amazing movie franchise has another installment being added to it. In my opinion, Guardians of the Galaxy is possibly the best thing Marvel has done.

With its way of making the audience laugh as well as feel every other emotion, Guardians is really a flick for the family, and one of the better ones Marvel has come out with.


Snippet from the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer.


In this trailer, you get the same thing that you’ve always adored about the franchise — the humor and seriousness that makes these characters well-rounded and relatable. Don’t even forget to mention the B. E. A. UTIFUL scenery and worlds that reside in the universe; they look even more amazing in the trailer.

This is a non-spoiler introduction and review of the trailer, so go check it out for yourself! It’s worthwhile, though it makes the wait evermore longer. Be aware!