For years I have heard negative comments about the video game company Electronic Arts. These comments range from buying and disbanding game studios to overblown marketing to rehashing properties. I never owned a developed or published EA game until last year with Star Wars Battlefront. Before the game was released, it was confirmed that it would be an online-only video game with a few maps and game modes available. Many people were not happy with this, but I had high hopes that the game was going to be fun either way. Boy was I so naive. While I did thoroughly enjoy the game, it still lacked a lot of features that games usually have, like a freaking campaign mode!!! The developers promised to deliver free DLC and updates to improve the game. It did enhance the experience but not for long. The more juicy elements, like new game modes, weapons, and maps, are all on the season pass, which costs a whopping $50! After a couple of months since the game was released, I stopped playing it for the lack of content.


Then this week EA announced something that really irritated me. Battlefront is going to have an ultimate edition that is going to include all the DLC that is included in the season pass. The price? It’s not $60. It’s not $80. It’s not even $100. The price for this edition is just $40! I spent $80 (I got the deluxe edition.. stupid I know) for a game that basically had nothing. If I bought the season pass, that means I would have spent over $130 for a game that should have had all the DLC in the first place. Thankfully, I haven’t bought it because I sold my copy of the game. Now with this ultimate edition coming out, I’m very tempted on buying this, but I am having doubts. There are more games arriving in the coming months that I’m interested in, and those will more than likely be better than what Battlefront has to offer. After this experience of being cheated on, I can see why people don’t really like EA. I’m surprised why this company is still in business with such awful practices. Then again I am a hypocrite since I bought Battlefield 1. Unlike BattlefrontBattlefield 1 actually has a campaign and there is a lot of multiplayer content to play with. Still what EA is doing is unacceptable. Should there be some sort of regulation for this sort of stuff? Are customers taking any action towards EA? Have you encountered positive or negative experiences with EA? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!