A new trailer for Rogue One showed up online! The trailer focuses more on the storyline, which I think gives a little too much. We learn that Jyn Erso’s father is actually the architect of the Death Star. Now, Jyn and the Rebel Alliance have to steal the plans of the superweapon, and also rescue Jyn’s father. Not sure if there’s anything more to the story unless there is some twist that is going to be revealed. BUT! There is one scene that caught my attention…   screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-3-43-18-pm The picture above shows a statue of a Jedi (almost looks like Obi-Wan), and it is interesting to see such a scene appear in a movie that focuses on the Rebel Alliance. Does it have any significance to the story? Probably not, but one can imagine. It reminds of the scene in The Force Awakens with Rey riding along the desert of Jakku and seeing a ruined Star Destroyer.

Leaves you in awe doesn’t it?

I also wonder since this movie will feature Saw Gerrera, a character from the show Star Wars: The Clone Wars, will other characters who have not been in any Star Wars films show up? That will be a treat for those of us who have watched the shows. I really hope things unfold in an unpredictable way, or, at least, in an interesting way. Check out the trailer!