After the success of the summer games event in Overwatch, players were excited to see what Blizzard would come up with to add  to the game. Players were speculating that Blizzard would add a Halloween event and that’s exactly what they did. The event will run from October 11 to November 1.

Here is the trailer for the Halloween Terror event:

New Loot Boxes:

Blizzard replaced the Loot Boxes with special glowing jack-o’-lanterns. In which players can get over 100 new cosmetic items. Here are some of the cosmetic items you can find in the jack-o’-lanterns.


Here are all of the cosmetic items from the Halloween Terror event:

New PvE Brawl:

Blizzard also added first ever co-op PvE Brawl: Junkenstein’s Revenge in Overwatch. Players will choose from Ana, Hanzo, McCree, or Solider: 76 and defend Adlersbrunn castle’s doors (Eichenwalde castle)  against Dr. Junkenstein’s robot and his monster (Roadhog).


I can’t wait to start playing when the download finishes and I also want to get all of the hero skins from the event.

Here is the article from Blizzard regarding the Halloween Terror event.