It has been 4 years since the last Kingdom Hearts game was released (the remix collections don’t really count since they’re remastered versions of previous games), and it was a game-changer (no pun intended) for the entire plot of the series. Everybody believed that this would ultimately lead to Kingdom Hearts III, and it did! The game was announced in 2013, but there has been rarely any information on it. The hype slowly died down until Square Enix announced on Sept. 2015 that another collection was going to be released. This time, the collection is going to feature a brand new game, a new movie, and a remastered version of the last game that was released. Response for this announcement was mainly positive, but many fans did express their concerns that Kingdom Hearts III was going to be delayed. The collection, known as Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (such a mouthful), is going to feature a game that was actually teased back in 2011 with the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

In addition, the new movie is going provide background on some things that have remained a mystery throughout the series, such as the Keyblade War and the Book of Prophecies. While I myself am tired of waiting for Kingdom Hearts III, I completely understand why Square Enix is doing this. The first big reason is that people have not played all the games in the series. I have seen a lot of people saying that they have only played KH I and KH II. There’s an issue right there. Pretty much all the Kingdom Hearts games provide important details towards the overall story of the series. Just because it is not a numbered title does not mean that the game is simply a spin-off. The other games are important as Kingdom Hearts I and II. When Kingdom Hearts III comes out people are going to be so confused on what’s going on with the plot. Square Enix is giving the fans the opportunity to play the games and experience the full storyline. Another reason for this long journey is providing information on the events that are not fully explained. Each game has either an event or character that shows up without any background, which leaves fans to speculate the importance of that event or character, and the explanations are not provided until the next game. To this day, there are still some events and characters that don’t have backgrounds at all.


A good example of the mysteries that Kingdom Hearts has involves Organization XIII. We currently only know the identities of 9 members of the organization. There are 4 of them where we have no information on their backgrounds or motives

I’ve played countless video games over the years, but the Kingdom Hearts series is one of the few that I’ve cherished for a long time. The gameplay is addicting, the music is superb, and the story is complex (and cheesy at times). The series has a handful of insane bosses that are so memorable, and most of the settings are from Disney movies, which gives nostalgia for young adults (like me haha). Although I do want Kingdom Hearts III in my hands, I can wait patiently for it. I’d rather have a well-established set up to the game than rather have a rushed lackluster one. It’s better for everyone to have a good understanding of what’s going with the story and have a satisfying ending to the Xehanort Saga.

While we wait, we can enjoy the new collection that’s coming out early next year to find out more on certain characters and see how this is going to be linked with Kingdom Hearts III.

Check out the trailer for 2.8!