A closer friendship bloomed from “I Remember” a little less than 10 years ago between the two musical geniuses named deadmau5 and Kaskade. The track charted like crazy and became everyone’s favorite from the two.

Now, they’re back and… not better than ever. The track was posted a lot before by deadmau5 years ago and recently by Kaskade himself, updating the track on SoundCloud as he made changes. They were pretty good before.

The track has seemed to be shortened by half of the original length, which was around 8 minutes. Now, it’s four. It doesn’t seem like deadmau5 really had input on the structure of everything. No track by deadmau5, from what I’ve heard, ends as abruptly as this one does.

Also, when the song ‘drops’, it never fulfills itself. It’s like the drop was placed there and is a snippet of something bigger.

Well, that wraps up the short review of the track Check it out and judge it yourself!