Holy crap. This song is amazing.

I first heard of it when I went to the Disciple Recordings concert back in August. Virtual Riot, one of their artists, started playing this one track and it was so invigorating. I actually started bobbing my head, and I hadn’t done that in the hours before. The night was great and the one song I do remember is this one.

Wishing right now that I could go back to that night. Anyways, back to the music. It swings so well!

VR put up a mix that he had done before and I noticed this track right away. The heavy lead is the bass sound that accompanies the bass frequencies as well. It’s really the best bass song out there. Just beautiful. The mixing of everything is impeccable.

One should REALLY check this track out, you wont regret it. You might start bobbing your head too!