Monstercat, the label that started out on YouTube, released a new track recently made by the mastermind named Subtact.

It starts out as a really low-sounding arp and then comes into the main melody being played by a weird-sounding supersaw. The drum buildup comes and then the melody and chords come full-force, covering the whole frequency spectrum. What leads off as claps and rhythmic kicks comes into a very nice breakdown lead by a deep saw wave playing to same note. The real buildup is this whole part. There’s no real drop-off. It’s just all drop with a different, very interesting take on the previous melody being played. A higher register is reached signaling the end of the delicious track. That’s it.

The track itself uses the same structure throughout, though is always unique when compared tot he other parts of the track. The uniqueness of the track is something Subtact mastered beautifully. Go give the track a listen!