Years ago when the man himself, Virtual Riot, started to gain popularity, he remixed this track by Au5. This remix premiered on Monstercat which helped him gain a great mass of followers since then.

This track really was unique because of the bizarre sounds that were featured in it. Growly, distorted sounds helped people jump to the rhythm that held so much power through these powerful hits, one after another. There’s no real stop when it comes to the amount of energy being exerted from the track. You’re just left wanting more and more. At one point, the song is hard-hitting while in the next couple of seconds, it’s very quiet. Right after that, big, long chord stacks plow you in the face. It’s such a heartwarming feeling. It’s so loud and crazy, but it’s so soothing, mostly because of the smooth sub.

Overall, this track is just a masterpiece from beginning to end. The mixing is done tremendously to where you can find different things in the song every time you listen to it.

Go check this out, seriously. Check out VR’s Soundcloud page too while you’re at it. You wont be disappointed.