Lately i’ve found myself drawn into more and more podcast programs than ever before. I’ve always been a pretty big consumer and subscriber to many different shows, however lately I’ve found that i’ve been preferring both my news and entertainment in that format. Perhaps its just the political climate of late, but podcasts just give that Netflix feel of “listen to what I want when I want” kind of deal. 

So here are my top 4 podcasts that I can recommend:
1. The Morning Stream 

A love child of Scott Johnson and Brian Ibbott, TMS is a morning news type show that bases its content around the stories of the day. TMS has reacurring guests that visit the show for different segments everyday that help add another layer of perspective and fun. 

I use TMS as my “daily driver” podcast – it’s a great show to have on in the background as your commuting, working, or doing any other menial task.

2. Current Geek

Scott Johnson has his fingers in quite a few pies, Current Geek being one of them. Scott, along with Tim Merritt and two guests to the show, guide listeners through the more “geeky” stories of the week. Topics usually cover things such as: video games, comics, movies, and basically anything that touches the geekiverse.

3.The NoSleep Podcast

If you’re looking for a podcast that is sheer entertainment, and you’re not easily spooked, look no further than the NoSleep Podcast. Currently on its 7th (going on 8th!) season, host David cummings, along with a myriad of voice actors, have led listeners through hundreds of hours of frightening tales and creepy stories. 

4. The Last Podcast on The Left

TLPOTL (Quite a mouthful, I know) is hosted by three comedians that explore the most gruesome of topics. From serial killers to aliens, these guys have covered it all. It’s a bit of an acquired taste, however the boys at TLPOTL will have you giggling at subjects like Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacey in no time.