The final trailer for the Harry Potter spin-off film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them goes in-depth with the plot but not too much to spoil anything. I am amazed by the amount of beasts that are going to be depicted in the film. One little issue that I do have with the trailer is the heavy usage of CGI. Yes, the Harry Potter films did have CGI too, but they used a good amount that did not disturbed the setting of the movie. Here everything, including small creatures, is composed of CGI instead of practical effects. Again, it’s not a big issue but it would have made the film more realistic.


I am a big fan of the Harry Potter films (I have not read the books since I’m not an avid reader), and I have watched almost every film that came to theaters (Order of the Phoenix was the only one I did not saw in theaters). The last two films were very emotional as the saga was coming to a close after a ten year journey with Harry and the gang. However, one thing that is different with this new film is that this is an entirely new world. Many fans knew what was going to happen in the Harry Potter films since the novels were released years before the films came out. In Fantastic Beasts, there is really not much information provided. There is a book called Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them, but it is not really a novel. The book is more of a copy of the textbook with the same name that Harry has during his first year in Hogwarts.This is almost an entire new story, but I am sure some elements from the Harry Potter universe will be in the film. Because of this, I am very excited to see this film. Nobody will spoil anything to me since, again, there is not a novel that fully describes the (mis)adventures of protagonist Newt Scamander. November 18th cannot come any faster!