This Fall TV season has been hectic with new and returning shows, like Star Wars Rebels, Atlanta, and Narcos. With a season full of great shows, it’s hard to catch up with all of them while having a job and  studying for school. There’s one show that I have been meaning to see for quite a while, and that show is called Superstore. The show started back in November of 2015, and it recently started its second season. This past summer, while I was traveling to Mexico, the flight actually showed an episode of the show. I thoroughly enjoyed those 30 minutes and wanted more! I actually planned on watching the show since school started (back in late August), but then there were announcements of other shows coming for the fall season. That ruined everything, haha.

Not too long ago, NBC announced that Superstore was gonna get a full second season with 22 episodes instead 13 episodes, which is awesome! I was worried the show was gonna get cancelled since nobody really seemed to talk about, and I saw multiple online promos for it. The comedy is great, and most of the characters are likable. Another great aspect is that the show is relatable. Lots of people have commented that on the show’s facebook page.






The show’s atmosphere definitely reminds me a lot of The Office and Parks & Recreation. Interestingly, the creator, Justin Spitzer, was actually one of the producers for The Office. Since it is the fall season, I am noticing more promos and mentions of the show, so hopefully more people will start watching and enjoying it. I can’t say a lot about the show since I’ve only watched one episode and a couple of promos, but it has definitely caught my attention. The basic premise of the show follows Amy (America Ferrera) and her co-workers working at Cloud 9, a parody store of Wal-Mart, and situations occur with their daily routines at the store. The show is currently underrated since there are other top-rated shows coming out, but I believe this show will rise up sooner or later (The office had the same situation and it later became a big hit). I recommend to check out at least a few episodes. Who knows, maybe you’ll laugh your head out.

Superstore is on NBC and new episodes come out every Thursday 7pm Central

Check out this clip of the show: