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Disney and it’s surrounding companies are running rampant on the entertainment industry, and lately that means making everything into a big screen or live-action production. Recently, Disney has begun remaking originals into live-action movies such as Maleficent and most recently The Jungle Book. Jon Favreau the director of The Jungle Book, will be at the helm again for the Lion King live-action remake, and also announced was a sequel to The Jungle Book.

Upcoming is the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast, now of course these movies are possible because of the demand. In my opinion the target audiences is pretty giant and I feel like Disney could really take off with this idea. There are so many worlds to explore, in the same way the ABC(Disney?) show Once Upon a Time does, these are some characters that would definitely make for an awesome live action experience:


Aladdin, imagine a genie out of lamp, flying carpet action scenes and sword fighting chase downs.The monkey is perfect for the CGI animals Disney has been able to gracefully pull off so far.


Mulan is one of the most loved animations, and honestly if Eddie Murphy is down, I’m definitely in, the action and emotion attached to the story would make for an amazing live-action remake.


Epic Mickey, now this is a game but adaptations can come from more than one form of media. The story in the game is in short about a time when mickey in a world created by Yen Sid(Disney), accidentally sends it all towards catastrophe. Involving an appearance from a character only appearing previously in 1943, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit sort of Mickey’s predecessor who is now very salty. This is so much more dark, gritty and deep than anything else with the familiar character and I think it could work.


Lilo & Stitch. Nuff said. Hawaiian setting, alien adventures, alien battles, alien pet lilo-stitch-hd-image-wallpaper-ipoddog emotional and intellectual growth, aliens, okay other than the obvious it would also give way for a nice balance of action and comedy. With hundreds of unique alien creations and stories.

I could write about so many possible characters from the past that could be beautifully re-imagined, and let’s be honest Disney seems far from the major disappointment days. This is enough to get your imagination going I’m sure.