This week represents many fall series returns, DC’s Gotham comes back with a major bang. Jim Gordon is back and BADASS, from depressed ex cop too mutant bounty hunting. Expect major character comebacks and plot twist, appearances from Penguin and all the favorites.

SPOILERS: Penguin storms onto the scene making sure we know Fish Mooney is back and running everything with her powers we found out about in last season. Hugo Strange’s mutants are running rampant in Gotham and it is now confirmed that Fish is in control of all of them. Jim Gordon goes to see Lee his ex but it only turns him to the dark badassery that is bounty hunting. Bruce and Alfred’s adventures are no less eventful, Bruce confronts the board of Wayne Enterprise accusing many members to being part of a secret society trying to kill him and others, threatening to release information to the public about those who don’t come forward. Definitely not going unanswered, this society known as The Court of Owls attack Alfred and kidnapped Bruce! Setting up the season for some interesting plots.

Overall, if you haven’t picked up Gotham I recommend it now, it has continued to show growth and continue good writing, actors have become really fitting to the role 3 seasons in. With a continuously growing story, we will soon see even more of the universes characters i’m sure! I’m also a nerd but this is a great show!