What starts out as a calm-sounding track then becomes very pump-like and very jumpy. This is Laszlo’s type of music. This IS Laszlo. If there were one track from the artist to signify the type of sound this guy makes, this would be the one.

Here at E720, we like to chose the most diverse and unique types of music to show to our audience. This is possibly the most unique song to come by our blog.

The rhythm and melody work so nicely together and makes you want to jump up and dance to it for long amounts of time. The different sections of the song are so unique compared to one another because they can be identified by completely different things: a heavy lead, a low-passed chord, etc. The heavy sidechain and time of the chords coming in all sync together to form a bouncing feeling throughout the entire track. It’s all-around a masterpiece.

If I could have it on repeat at all times, that would be great.

Go check the track out. It’s the jumpiest thing you’ll hear all week! Laszlo – Airglow