A few days ago, Disney confirmed that a third Star Wars anthology film is indeed going to be made. The untitled film is currently in development for a 2020 release. This year we’re expecting the first film (Rouge One) to come out while the second one, which focuses on Han Solo, seems to be going pretty smoothly. With the fans, there has been mixed reactions about these anthology films. Many fans would definitely enjoy seeing more Star Wars, but there are others who are concerned about the legacy of the series. These fans claim that having too many films would ruin the experience of what Star Wars is. I can totally understand their outlook on that, but I don’t wholly agree with them. Just as long as the story and character development is good in the movies, I say bring more Star War films to the big screen! One concern that I do have would involve the focus of the films. Now that we have another film added to the anthology series, I am curious on what the focus will be. Here are some topics that I would really like to be depicted in the third film, or possibly in future installments.


Obi-Wan Kenobi 

We don’t really see much of Obi-Wan’s life throughout the film series, which makes sense since the films focused on the Skywalkers. Star Wars: The Clone Wars changed that when we actually got more information on Kenobi’s life, such as having a love interest. I think it would be interesting to see what journeys he took after delivering Luke to his relatives on Tatooine. Maybe we learn more about his childhood and his Jedi training? There are many parts of Obi’s life we haven’t seen or learned from (in the context of canon that is), so having a film focused on him would definitely be a delight.


Days of the Old Republic 

There have been numerous comics, video games, and novels that focus on the Galactic Republic that takes places years before Episode I. Having new characters and new locations would reinvigorate the franchise and could have an impact on the new generation. Focusing on the Old Republic could also help out in answering questions that the prequel trilogy didn’t provide background information on, like the prophecy of the Chosen One. Plus, I’m pretty sure the action sequences would be superb!


501st Legion

The cartoon series (the 2008 series, not the 2003 series for clarification) definitely showed the different perspectives that went on during the Clone Wars, even some episodes focused on the clone troopers. It would be really cool if a film focused on one of the most famous squads in the war, the 501st Legion. It would be awesome if we can see the troopers travel to different planets and fighting against the Separatists on those plants. Just like the show, the film could humanize the troopers, and show the audience that even though they were born to fight the clones still have emotions on and off the battlefield. A better idea would be to make the film take place during the transition of the Republic to the Empire, so the troopers not only have to deal with the those who oppose the Empire but also fight against the conflict within themselves.


Boba Fett (Bounty Hunters) 

For a long time, many fans have asked for a Boba Fett film, and I do think the time is right for a film like that. My concept is a heist film that involves Boba working with other bounty hunters, like Bossk and IG-88. This film could take us into the underground world of Star Wars, and into areas where we never imagined. Wouldn’t it be cool to add more depth into an already established universe? We could also see Boba in action with his armor, which was something that lacked in the original trilogy. Movies that feature assemble casts, like Guardians of the Galaxy and Suicide Squad, are doing pretty good at the box, so why not try it in the Star Wars universe?


These are my top ideas that I believe would make great additions to the anthology series if Disney decides to make more of them. There are a ton more topics out there that can be part of the anthology, but we’ll have to see how well Rouge One does when it comes out this December. I will eagerly await for more information on the third anthology film. I am hopeful that it will feature at least a portion of what I mentioned in this post. We will see. Until then, get ready for Rogue One!