If the name Rob Pardo doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you’ve spent less time absorbed in the many universes he and the folks at Blizzard have provided us over the years. Maybe that’s a good thing. I, on the other hand, have spent many a night and hours working through titles such as ‘Warcraft’,’World of Warcraft’, ‘Diablo’ and ‘Starcraft’. Any bells ringing yet? 

So, if you somehow have managed to keep yourself away from these titles, I commend you on your willpower. Or if his name is still out of reach, I’ll fill you in:

Pardo, for the better part of his career, was the Creative Chief Officer over at Blizzard Entertainment. With 14 titles under his belt of experience, Pardo was a development juggernaut. He was named one of Time Magazines “Top 100 most influential people in the world” and has a tremendous impact on how the gaming industry and game development flows today.

So why is this, and he, important? 

Just a few days ago, Pardo, along with his new team of developers, announced his return to the industry with their new company ‘Bonfire Studios’. With both it’s location (Irvine, California) and focus, Bonfire sets its sights on Blizzard. 

This announcement comes just two years after Pardo’s resignation and CCO at Blizzard, following the flop of project ‘Titan’. Two years is no coincidence, as Pardo was most likely under a no-compete clause following his leave.  

While Bonfire has yet to announce any development plans or what genres they will choose to focus on, we will be looking forward for that time.