Enter the world that DC is unraveling, 5 seasons into Arrow, 3 seasons into flash and the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow all building up to a 4 part crossover episode event that includes Supergirl. Supergirl’s first season debuted on CBS, the rest of the shows have been airing on the CW, a child channel of CBS. So for awhile most didn’t think we would see her make an appearance in the same universe with the rest of the characters we love, but we got a Flash crossover and it was awesome. Though it left us on little detail as of the connection between the worlds, we did find out he had to switch dimensions in order to be in the same world.

On top of the crossovers, we will also get a new Superman for the Television universe which is unfortunately separate from the DC cinematic universe. With the introduction of Superman into the already drastically large world can bring a lot more in terms of villains, new heroes and stories. Here is the teaser for season 2 of Supergirl, it’s almost nerd season(aka Fall releases).