A couple of summers ago (2013 I believe), I watched all the seasons of South Park. I never thought I would accomplish such a task, but I did it! It was interesting to see how the show evolved as I watched the next season after the next. Throughout those seasons, there were many story lines and character development that impacted our (internet) culture, like the World of Warcraft episode, which is such a great episode! But like many shows, things started changing. The development time of the show changed drastically from months to six days! Season 15th definitely showed that change. It was at that moment that the show started losing its steam.

The show tried to make story lines from current events that were happening instead of making original stories and adding social commentary as an extra element. Previous seasons had wit and irony without shoving their points down our throats. Now, everything is just a reiteration on the current events and throw their points on our face so much that it becomes obnoxious at times. So how was the premiere of the show’s 20th season?

It’s okay. Definitely not the worst, but it was very lackluster. One major flaw that this episode had was its focus. It seemed that the writers were trying to combine all the current events, like the Colin Kaepernick National Anthem controversy and the U.S. Presidential Election, into a cohesive story but fails. I’ll admit there were some jabs that sorta shocked me but still gave me a good laugh, like the commentary on women.

One interesting (and original) concept that the show displayed was the member berries. The residents of South Park are consuming these “super foods” that help them remember how good the old days were. They seemed cute at first, but it wasn’t until later on they started saying statements like “Member when there weren’t so many Mexicans” and “Member no ISIS”. This gives an interesting perspective about our society’s obsession with nostalgia. One could also think that it makes fun of Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again”. No matter what people think about the past, there were always issues that were occurring during that time.

Another positive attribute that the episode has was the continuity. The next episode will surely be a continuation as we have learned that the sexist internet troll is none other than Kyle’s father, Gerald Broflovski. It makes you wonder how this ordinary father became a women-hating bastard.

Overall, I wished the episode had more originality like the previous seasons had, but I still have hope that this season will be a good one!

Check out the member berries in the episode!