Hello and welcome to this series of posts entitled “Recommended Play”.  Here we’ll take a look and games I personally feel should be played and talked about more.  Games will range from average to great, indie to AAA, but all will at least be interesting.

Today we have a small game to take a look at entitled Guy of My Dreams.


I first found it a couple years ago and it pops into my head randomly ever since.  It’s a tiny flash game that only takes about 5 minutes per play through.  Players take the role of a girl in search of the guy of her dreams.  Along the way you will encounter many suitors to choose from, unexpected tragedy, chocolate and (if you’re lucky) happiness.


Before starting a game, the player actually creates their dream guy.  Options are limited to just 4 visual attributes such as hair style and head shape, but this works well enough for the type of gameplay.  Once you make your dream guy the game can start.  Players move down the screen along a timeline of the girl’s life.  There are several randomly generated ‘guys’ along the way you can couple with, but coupling with a guy similar to the one you created gives you a higher bonus.  You can couple with a guy right from the start and spend you whole life with him if you’d like or you can hold off until you find a more ideal partner.  Once coupled with a guy for a short time, they randomly acquire personality traits that range from positive (such as intelligent) to more negative (such as axe murderer).  If a guy turns out to have several negative personality traits you are free to dump him, though the girl will be sad and unable to couple with another for a short time.


Besides guys to couple with, there are other interesting things to collect.  If you choose to remain single, you can collect chocolate and ‘career points’ to increase your happiness score.  If you choose to couple with a guy, diamonds and roses will give a bonus to happiness.  Coupling with a guy also adds things you should avoid, however.  One is a rival girl that will steal your guy away from you.  The other thing to avoid if you currently have a guy is the skull which will instantly kill your boyfriend.


The game can be played for free in your browser at Kongregate.  Just follow this link:  Guy of My Dreams

It’s just 5 minutes, so open up that new browser tab and find your dream guy!