After the Battlefield 1 beta concluded this past week, DICE, the game developers behind the game, released an infographic detailing everything that happened in the beta in a statistical form.

The biggest number seen on the graphic is 62.2 million pertaining to the amount of horse kills. It’s kind of astounding when shown in comparison to the length of the beta; a little over a week. Other things that pop out at the eye is the percentage of how many players were what class during the beta. It’s kind of funny that most of the players were scouts; the sniper class. In the battlefield world, the players mostly complain about how most people are snipers and camp in the back without really helping their teammates. This graph shows that the problem persists within the community.

The final thing that pops out is the number of melee kills during the beta. A new and improved aspect of the game that DICE pushed forward is the focus on close-quarter combat. The statistic of 28.9 million melee kills shows that the game is fairly balanced in the fact that melee kills aren’t hard to get and people actually enjoyed using this function in the game.


All in all, this beta turned out to be a huge success, and actually, the biggest beta in EA’s history. Check out Battlefield 1 when it comes out on October 21st!