I’m not a big fan of historical films, and the main reasons are the duration and pacing of them. However, as I was scrolling through my feed on Facebook I saw something that caught my interest…

There is a new film coming out called The Promise that is generating controversy. For me, the word controversy always catches my attention, and I had to look to see what all the fuzz was about. Looking at it throughly I saw that this film focuses on individuals during the Armenian Genocide, which is a highly controversial topic. A very interesting thing that is going on in the internet with this film is that its being harshly criticized. On Youtube, the film has more dislikes than likes. The comment section has many commentators from what appears to be from Turkey. Many of them are commenting “Armenian fairy tale”. The film is not out to the public yet, and it already has a low rating on IMDb (with a score of 4/10).

What else is that the trailer looks really good! Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac are the main leads, and they always put on a good performance. The music gives that emotional atmosphere from the horrific events that occurred during the Armenian Genocide.

With the controversy that is going on with the film, I am very interested to go see it. Unlike other historical events (like the Holocaust), I think I’ll have to do a little bit of research since I am not familiar with the Armenian Genocide. I wonder how much press this movie will capture when it is officially released. In the meantime, check out the trailer!