So here at Entertainment 720 we pride ourselves in being gamer’s and loving media but we all have taste, and to be to the point Dark Souls and the many games like it aren’t really for me. Across media platforms horror and dark type forms I tend to avoid because the entertainment factor for me usually comes from lighter visuals and less gritty gameplay.

Dark Souls 3 for that matter is arguably the best game made so far in this genre, it just does things right, and even for someone like me just sitting down and watching someone else play for hours can really come to appreciate it. In fact I watched so many hours between, Dark Souls 2, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3, that once the latest went on sale through the Xbox Store for half off I just couldn’t resist. Though dark, extremely gritty play style and UI, the many other aspects of the Dark Souls 3 really make it amazing, the attention to detail in every nook, mobs and bosses that are challenging and coded so that your normal strategies won’t work. Here they force you to be unorthodox and calculated, you have to actually find combos or strategies, you’ll die so much that raging isn’t an option, power through because when you finally beat the first boss after 6 hours it’ll be EXTREMELY satisfying…well…it was for me..

Though very dark, it is amazingly beautiful and the attention to detail applies to everything in the world, it’s aesthetics are one of the big reasons I even considered wanting it. You will never get tired of walking and looking around, unless you’ve been on the same area for more than 6 hours…okay more than a day… look the game is great looking but damn hard.