After almost four years, Crystal Castles has released a new album! However, over these past couple of years things have changed. Alice Glass, vocalist, left the band in 2014. Everybody believed the band had disbanded, but that was not the case.         In early 2015, Crystal Castles’ songwriter and producer Ethan Kath had acquired a new vocalist, Edith Frances. With a new vocalist in place, how does the new album sound?

Alice Glass stating her departure from her twitter account.

Overall, it’s a decent album. It’s not good, but it’s not bad. There are a few good songs that I enjoy listening to, but I feel like there’s rarely any emotion in most of the songs. In previous albums with Alice as the vocalist, you could have definitely felt that raw energy that she expressed. I’m not sure what it is but there’s something missing from the album. I like Edith’s contribution to the songs but it doesn’t give the same feeling as the previous albums did, which was melancholy yet joyful. It might be that we got so used to Alice that we are uncomfortable with the change. Still, there are some songs that are great! The songs Char and Fleece definitely show some of that Crystal Castles atmosphere!

The new Crystal Castles might have played it safe with the album, which lead to it being anticlimactic after much anticipation, but it’s a fair debut of this new collaboration between Edith and Ethan. We shall see who this new version of Crystal Castles evolves within the coming years.


Feel free to listen to the album here: