Neon Indian is back and better than ever! Last October, the band released its latest album. The album, called Vega Intl. Night School, brings a groovy and euphoric atmosphere! Alan Palomo, the man behind the creation of Neon Indian, revitalizes the 80’s with the songs of Night School. The retro style and Alan’s vocals brings a great diversity to this album. Not a single song is dull or monotonous, and each of them is very distinct from one another. In addition, Alan has directed some of his music videos from these songs. Just when you thought the songs were brilliant, the music videos bring the 80’s back to life! Very unique compared to the countless high production music videos that we see from many bands/singers.

Vega Intl. Night School is, without a doubt, a fantastic follow-up from the previous album, Era Extrana. I personally can’t wait to see more good stuff from Alan!

Also, Neon Indian is going on tour this coming month! Check out the dates if they’re coming to your city!