Announced yesterday, the tech giant Apple has reported that their music streaming service has reached a total of 17 million concurrent subscribers. This has put them nearly at half of Spotify’s paid subscriber base, Spotify being Apple’s biggest competition thus far, with Spotify having a total of 39 million paid subscribers.

Just last June, however, Apple had reported having 15 million subscribers, meaning that in less than three months the company was able to gain 2 million new users.

To help lure in more users, Apple has announced that they will be releasing a $99/year price option for those that would prefer to pre-pay for the service. When compared to the standard monthly rate, buying this gift card would give a subscriber two month worth of service for free – effectively giving a discount of $24 for the year.

Apple has done a wonderful job thus far to iterating and enhancing their new Music service based on the needs of their users, but only time will tell if they’ll continue to stay in tune.