Every couple of weeks, here at Entertainment720, we choose one TV show that has a good amount of seasons to watch and be potentially “full” with, just like one gets with lots of food. This time, we chose a show native to HBO that is the grown-up version of ‘Parks and Recreation‘, a show called VEEP. As one might be able to see, the show surrounds the political parts of America, specifically the Vice Presidency.

This show has a decent amount of episodes per season, about 10, and just finished up its 5th season, probably its funniest, a couple of months ago. Here’s a snippet from the show. Be warned, it’s a bit vulgar; that’s what makes the show so great. The witty comebacks.

Veep Season 1 Deleted Scenes

As you can see, the show loves its insults. One could say that there were more swear words than people shown in the same episode. It’s not just that which makes VEEP an amazing, memorable show, it’s also the writing. There are twists and turns around every corner that have the possibility of flipping the show on its head. While that happens, the characters have to adapt to it and it’s all chaotic from the beginning of the episode to the end; there’s no real stopping-point. It’s just gives you stress the whole time, and that’s the real fun of it. Surprisingly, it makes you wanting more and more, despite how crazy and uniquely driven it is.