Earlier this week, it had been announced that the infamous cartel-centered show on Netflix had been renewed. Typically, shows on Netfilx or anywhere else only get renewed for one season at a time — not for this show though. Narcos has been renewed for two, that’s right, two seasons. This is probably because of the great scope and nearly endless possibilities that the cartel-centered show could revolve around. If you haven’t gotten the chance to watch the show, go and do that. You will not regret it.

Netflix’s poster for Season 2 of Narcos.



This news is amazing, and it’s not only because the show is very enjoyable, but because there’re so many more stories to be told about the many, many cartels around that time that sprung up in response to other cartels. This past season ended with Pablo leaving the show and the California cartel springing up in Pablo’s absence. The one thing alluding to the plot of season 3 is the last scene. The words “What do you know about he Cali Cartel?” very, very much allude to what the main characters are facing next season, and we can’t wait. Maybe the Cali Cartel plot will spread out over two seasons like the previous ones did with Pablo Escobar. That could fully explain the two-season renewal.

Being that they might need a full two seasons more to tell another adventure the guys go on, it is possible that it might even extend to a third season. It would switch things up and tell the viewers that a story surrounding a cartel won’t always last two seasons every time.