For Music as a whole it has been a massive summer for releases and chart toppers with an unusual but not unwanted massive output from Hip-Hop & R&B’s top artist. From Drake’s Views taking over the Billboard charts and not budging off the top spot to Frank Oceans game of hide and seek that lead to a live album on top of a story-full Blonde album release the weekend after. Here, I go a little in depth on the singers and those on the borderline in the Hip-Hop scene, who were a part of the August end of summer onslaught of music release, we still have September…anyways in order of release since August 1st:

PartyNextDoor P3, August 12th- If you’re not a fan or haven’t heard of him at all by now, well you should because other than the Weeknd he is the biggest runner up to Toronto’s Billboard king himself, Drake. Though this album didn’t boost him into any spotlight the gems are the real reason we are here. High hopes shows his ability to bring classic samples (No Diggity) to modern light, while still keeping it to his topics of leisure. While showing a little versatility in a fast paced dance hall called Joy, there wasn’t many more examples. Still he stuck to his ways and vibes go back and give P2 a listen.

Rae Sremmurd Sremmlife 2, August 12th- Though a fan of the duo and there creativity, this project seemed to lack anything special aside from the single By Chance, and the odd but intriguing homage to the Beatles, “Black Beatles”.

Tory Lanez I Told You, August 19th- I Told You, is Tory Lanez story from Toronto, a deep storytelling concept album that it isn’t short of signing or rapping, and not short of a song for any mood. Serving as his debut album, this definitely cemented his place in the ‘6’ or as Lanez calls it the ‘New Toronto’ and in the Hip-Hop/RnB game. With singles that were instant hits before the album dropped like Flex, LUV, and  4am Flex, surprisingly there was still room for more on the album and the skit style really made it feel personal. If you haven’t been giving Lanez a chance for your playlist now is the time to really hop on and listen to how far he has come.

Frank Ocean Blonde, August 20th- Released the weekend following a live album reveal named Endless, after months of false hype and toying with his fans Blonde might actually live up to what we were waiting for. On top of getting two albums, we can’t really complain with the production, storytelling and features list across both albums, some good names were around to help out. We hear snippets and skits throughout Blonde that make for a deep connective story, and though this makes it an album you can’t really play in the background of social events because of its slow pace, the project really showcases Oceans’ vocals and growth. There are still some hits for everyone, like Solo and Solo(Reprise) with the Andre 3000 takeover.

Young Thug’s Jeffery, August 26th- Recent name change from Young Thug to Jeffery might leave some people in confusion and questioning whether the album Jeffery is Jeffery’s debut or Young Thug’s best work to date. In this 10 song album, he showcases the ability to hop on anyone’s style and takeover, literally naming songs after people like Future, Wyclef, boxer Floyd Mayweather and even Harambe got an anthem. There isn’t many who would disagree that the quality in production, theme and even lyrically understanding him easily puts this above the many projects Thugga has put out.

Expect more by the end of September!