Earlier this year, we were introduced into a new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) called Paragon, developed by Epic Games (Gears of War). Many people tend to turn the other way when they hear MOBAs due to the time investment and complexity of the gameplay system that many MOBAs have. Paragon is changing that formula up with many elements. I do not like MOBAs at all, but Paragon completely changed that for me. I have played hours with this game and never seem to get bored of it, and it is not even officially out since it is still in open beta! I will give the reasons why this MOBA got me hooked instead of the countless others, like Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Reason 1: Simplicity 

Unlike other MOBAs, the elements that Paragon has are easy to comprehend. The user interface and heads-up display are not clotted with lots of information. Everything is accessible to your eyes. You can simply see the abilities you have unlocked, look at which cards you have, and view the mini-map with your teammates. In addition, building your deck is not as complicated as other MOBAs. The cards are pretty straight forward in the description without adding too much details. Other MOBAs have equipments that give a lengthy description on what they do, and to me that is a big turn off from playing the other MOBAs.

Reason 2: Style  

Many MOBAs have a top camera zoomed-out perspective during a match, and I am not fan of that. Paragon brings in a third-person perspective, like action-adventure games do, that brings appeal to a broader audience like myself. It is also the first MOBA that has a complete 3D style, while other MOBAs have 2D or 2.5 D. The 3D style brings out the best graphics I have ever seen in a game, especially with the characters.

Reason 3: Cross-Platform

Paragon is the first MOBA to have cross-platform capability. Therefore, PC players and PS4 players can play online together! I have friends who are either PC players or PS4 players (some are both), and that makes things easier for players. No one has to feel excluded, except for the Xbox owners.

paragon fight


Since this game is still in beta, there are quite a few issues that it has. One vital issue is the matchmaking. Many matches make me team up with inexperienced players and this ruins the experience for me. New players do not usually know what to do in MOBAs, so they just run around and try to get kills instead of working with the team. There are bugs and glitches here and there, but it does not affect the overall experience.

Paragon is great game that everybody should check out at least once. The gameplay is great! The offensive and defensive characters bring joyful action! Interfaces make the game easy to understand! We will have to see what evolutions the game receives before it officially launches.

Check out some cool and funny moments from Paragon!