No Mana

No Mana – Frozen Fireworks Ft. Fader Lima

First off, let’s find out who No Mana is. He seems to have come out of nowhere. This artist got a lot of his following from deadmau5′ label, mau5trap. He sort of has a style similar to the mau5 man himself, one can find, especially in this track. The plucks really give this track that feeling; that old deadmau5 feeling that everyone loves. The mixing in the track combined with the melody & chords really make the track feel very full, as well as the vocals, which No Mana obviously put a good amount of reverb on. Frozen Fireworks has a great deal of movement to it because of the different frequencies moving in and out; especially the lower ones.

At around six minutes and twenty seconds into the song, the listener can feel what Mana was really going for. A very powerful, delicate, and emotional song that relies heavily on the chord progression and it’s melody. One could say that it’s possible that the melody can stay in their head all day. It’s difficult to find one like that; very catchy & emotional.

All in all, Frozen Fireworks is a greatly produced track that, in my opinion, will never go out of style. It just recently came out, though the melody is one that can be listened to for a long, long time.

Go check it out! It’s worth every second.