deadmau5 – Strobe

According to many of his fans, this is one of the best and most memorable tracks from deamdau5. From the slow, slow buildup in the front-end to the airy, ambient send-off in the back end, this track is one-hundred percent unique in that it’s a journey throughout. Given that there’s a beat and all, one would think that it would be a hard-hitting EDM song that would chart on the radio and such, but in reality the beat is hard, but soft in a way that adds to the ambience instead of subtracting from it. It also adds lots of variety into the 10-minute track.

The track is so emotional. In relation to volume, the dynamics really made this song very easy and interesting to listen to — It really pulls you in for the full amount of the track, which is almost 11 minutes long. The variation in sections that are either risers, breaks, or 32-bar beats also help the listener engage with it. So many different synths play which help the listener identify something new in the song that they probably hadn’t found or heard, consciously, before.

In all,  Strobe is a work of art that has lasted and will last for decades to come. deadmau5 has really outdone himself. Go check out the track for yourself and engulf yourself in it.